Göteborg HIFI-show


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The Arken Exhibition, Gothenburg Sound & Picture, Gothenburg Hifi-Show... many names for the same thing.

Every other year we arrange Scandinavias largest Hifi-show in Gothenburg. 2022 its time again, 28 years after we first started!FlaggorAvenyn.jpgDynaudio1 (1).jpgXTZ.jpgicon2.jpgkassanPark.jpgchristianAudioactive.jpgaudioconcept.jpgLarsEk.jpg

July 10: The show is sold out to 90% !

july 1: The show is sold out to 80% already!

If you want to attend take action, the rooms are booked fast...

The situation right now

Soon the invitation for the show will be sent to 100 companies. The last of the paperworks and numbers from the hotels will be ready tuesday 14 th. 2 show directors, 3 hotels, 60 exhibitors and a bransch dinner for 200 people. It will be magical!

Sweetspot Event in Jonkoping has purchased Gothenburg Hifishow! Coming Gothenburg Hifishow october 1-2 will be Ingemar Carlssons last and Björn Hestners first. We will have double officers on deck for a smooth transit. Picture from Sweetspot event:s hifishow in Jonkoping april 23 where the news were announced.